Our Story: Why we started Upside Down Bakery

My name is Nick (the one on the right), one of the founders of Upside Down Bakery. After college my health took a turn for the worse. I had low energy, lots of inflammation, and a difficult time losing weight.

Like many, I grew up eating the "Standard American Diet", filled with high sugar, high carbohydrate, processed foods. In 2015 I decided to make a change. I began following a low carbohydrate diet and felt the incredible change!

However, giving up sweets was never easy, OR FUN! That's why we started Upside Down Bakery!

Impossibly Delicious Muffin, Pancake, and Brownie Cups!

We often say that our products are "Impossibly Delicious" because when people first try them they can't believe they are low sugar and low in carbohydrates. We worked with a professional chef to create the the best tasting, low sugar muffin, pancake, and brownie cups out there! It took us 7 months of testing out different recipes to finally come up with what we have now, but we think it was worth the wait!

Our muffin, pancake and brownies are to be the best keto-friendly treats on the market! We offer a 100% money back guarantee!

300+ Verified Reviews!

Nancy C.


Tasty, Clean, & Convenient!
I received the variety pack and I love these keto cakes! the ingredients are clean and the they taste great!

Deidre N.


I really like the variety pack. They’re all good. Also when I eat either a pancake or blueberry muffin it fills me up all day. Very easy to make. Add water & pop it in the microwave and enjoy.

Beth K.


 Fast, Easy and Delicious. Not only quick, easy and low carb, but yummy too!! 

Ashley K.


So amazing!
These are crazy good! I love the texture, flavor, and the macros!

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keto gluten free low sugar protein muffin pancake brownie grain free coconut oil almond flour

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Here's What People Are Saying!

Here's How Our Cups are Made!


We use high-quality ingredients that you know and trust. Our products are 100% gluten free and Non-GMO. No funny business over here. Take a look:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do these products taste like?

A: They taste just like the real thing. They were designed by a professional chef, where it took 7 months of R&D to get the recipe right. We wanted to make sure it didn't taste like other "Healthy Treats".... Treats that don't satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Q: How do you make them? 

A: Just tear open the top lid, add 2 tablespoons of water, and microwave for 60-seconds. THATS IT!  No butter, no oils, no eggs.... Just water and a microwave. 

Q: Can my Kids eat these?  

A: Absolutely! We designed these to be healthy enough, and delicious enough to pass the kid test. They are 100% gluten free and packed with healthy nutrients like high-quality protein and healthy fats that kids need. 

Q: Can these help with my Diet?  

A: Yes! We designed these specifically to help people on programs like Weight Watchers, the Keto Diet, and any Low Carb Diet. Each cup has just 3g net carbs, 1-2g of Sugar, and 10-11g of protein. Each cup has 240 calories and is designed to be a complete dessert