Upside Down Bakery's Keto Double Fudge Brownie Mug Cake vs Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownies

Your average oven baked brownie can be a delicious drool worthy treat. However, all that sugar can wreak havoc on your body and leave you feeling bloated and craving even more sweets that you don't need.

Often times the insulin spike we get from consuming sweets can cause us to feel tired, lazy and all around uncomfortable. The highly processed and inflammatory ingredients like processed sugar, wheat flour, and hydrogenated oils should rarely be consumed. 

Most people on a Ketogenic and Low Carb diet can't have sweets because of the excess sugar and carbs. At Upside Down Bakery we believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. That's why we created our delicious microwaveable Keto Muffin, Pancake and Brownie cups. Each cup contains just 1-2 grams of sugar, 3 grams of Net Carbs, and 10-11 grams of protein.


We took out all the harmful and inflammatory ingredients like the sugar, wheat and hydrogenated fats and substituted them for healthier alternatives like Almond Flour, Allulose, and Coconut Oil. You can see all our products here. What we created are impossibly delicious and convenient Ketogenic treats that not only taste amazing but can help healthy people and dieters accomplish their goals. 

You may be wondering, how do our brownies stack up? We compared our brownies to a direct competitor, Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Mix: 

Keto Brownie Cup vs Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie

 From the photos it's obvious that Upside Down Bakery Brownies are healthier and offer actual benefits when compared to traditional sugar laden brownies. 

But you may be asking... How does it taste?


If you've ever had Keto-Friendly treats before then you know that most don't live up to your expectations when it comes to flavor. Some are dry, some aren't sweet, some are overly sweetened with artificial tasting flavors. 

During our 11 month R&D process we made sure to address all these issues. What we created is a delicious, moist, rich, chocolately microwaveable brownie that tastes too good to be true. 

In fact, in our test group, most people had no idea the brownie was Keto-Friendly until we told them. They are that good! They are not overly sweet and don't have a funky aftertaste. They are sweetened with Allulose and Monkfruit which gives it a flavor identical to sugar with no lingering after affect. Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar that present in things like figs, raisins, jackfruit, and maple syrup. 

Allulose is different than typical sugar in that it is not metabolized, meaning is almost completely calorie free. It does not spike blood sugar or raise insulin. You can learn more about Allulose here

The almond flour makes the brownie hardy and helps it retain moisture. When you pull it out of the microwave it steams with moisture. Take one bite and you will surely be impressed with just how amazing it is!

microwaveable keto brownie mug cake cup


You can purchase our brownies here, on our website. They come in a 6-pack for just $19.95. Don't forget to try out our other flavors: Blueberry Muffin and Buttermilk Maple Pancake 

Or try out all three flavors in our Bundle and Save 18-Pack!


If you have any questions about our products, feel free to email us at 

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